Corporate & Business

Robison Law lawyers have legal and business experience working for and in corporate and entrepreneurial settings. Clients benefit from our extensive range of knowledge and experience that provide effective legal solutions for any business confronting federal, state, and local marijuana and hemp laws.

Robison Law provides legal representation to businesses in various stages, from raising capital and selecting a proper corporate structure, to properly positioning an entity for funding, growth, compliance, and a successful outcome or exit.

Our business services include:

  • Choice of entity or organization and tax election
  • Organizational structure, incorporations, formations, and corporate governance
  • Confidentially and IP Assignment Agreements
  • Commercial contracts for cannabis (marijuana and hemp contracts, e.g., a master grower employment agreement, a hemp biomass sale agreement or hemp constituent compound extraction agreement, and transportation agreements, among others)
  • Corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (licensed and non-licensed businesses), debt and equity transactions and asset purchases and sales
  • Private placements
  • Accredited Investors
  • Advising non-cannabis businesses and investors on the legal risks involved in entering the cannabis industry and the applicable legal landscape
  • Dissolving an entity, plan of dissolution, closing tax accounts


We have deep experience counseling on sophisticated transactional matters. Drawing on our expert knowledge of the cannabis industry, we advise clients from deal initiation through contract negotiation, review and drafting. Our core experience includes a wealth of work product on intellectual property and corporate deals.


Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, with rapidly evolving federal and state rules touching every aspect of our clients’ business. We offer up-to-the-minute knowledge of those regulations and we provide legally sound and practical advice on how to ensure compliance. With the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, compliance related to hemp, CBD and other cannabinoids remains nuanced and critical to your success.


Marijuana and hemp are growth industries that have attracted sophisticated investors, who require a detailed understanding of the field’s evolving legal framework before they commit financing. We counsel investors and prospective investors on the unique legal, financial, and tax issues that face cannabis businesses.