Legalized marijuana and hemp present both lucrative opportunities and perplexing legal challenges for new and existing businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Robison Law, LLC provides your business the counsel and representation it needs to navigate these complex legal issues, enabling you to take full advantage of all the exciting possibilities.

It is vital that cannabis-oriented hospitality and tourism businesses only identify the wide variety of legal issues present and address them appropriately. Robison Law Group attorneys have the skills, experience, and knowledge to contend with the regulatory hurdles; insurance, financial and banking concerns; and relevant local, state, and federal compliance matters that your business will face from both legal and business perspectives. Our comprehensive scope of services means your business is in good hands from the very start. While you innovate the industry and create spaces that become global destinations, let Robison Law Group grow your business by providing you high quality legal services, including:

  • Representing your business in commercial real estate transactions
  • Consulting on all areas of business and business law, from developing a business plan to forming an entity to protecting your valuable brand
  • Identifying and implementing solutions to the specific financial, banking, and insurance issues facing businesses in the cannabis hospitality and tourism industry
  • Obtaining appropriate licensure
  • Complying with regulations imposed on marijuana-related industries at local the state levels
  • Complying with local, state, and federal regulations affecting your operations, such as employment and workplace regulatory compliance