Real estate deals in the cannabis space may be lucrative, exceptionally complicated, and often high-risk. Robison Law, LLC, will work with property owners, lessees, buyers, and sellers. We enable you and your marijuana or hemp business to navigate every stage of the transaction by providing vital commercial real estate legal counseling and advice. Together, we work with you to make informed real estate choices and protect one of your business’s most significant assets.

In both the marijuana and hemp space, it is critical that property transactions be specifically tailored to not just your business’s present needs but also its future goals, all while ensuring it is adequately protected. Robison Law attorneys are extensively experienced in structuring and executing complex commercial real estate transactions for cannabis industries from both legal and business perspectives. Mr. Robison is committed to providing highly skilled representation that promotes your business’ success.

Robison Law attorneys will guide you through the unique real estate issues that cannabis businesses must address. Real property is a fundamental component to most businesses in cannabis industries.

Our business services include:
  • Exercising standard and property feasibility due diligence
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leases
  • Negotiating for cannabis-specific lease provisions
  • Understanding water and power availability and historic easements
  • Reviewing titles and deeds
  • Calculating real estate values for existing operations
  • Resolving property disputes
  • Complying with general and industry-specific zoning ordinances and other property-related regulations imposed at local, state, and federal levels that affect your business’s location and operations
  • Navigating the financial and insurance considerations present in cannabis real estate transactions and investments